CSH provides everything you need to take your products into US e-commerce marketplaces.

Evaluate the potential of your product on US ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon.  Understand the basic costs and get estimates for 3rd party fulfillment and Amazon fulfillment solutions.  No registration or commitment necessary to use the tool.  


Why Choose CSH?

CSH has significant experience in cross-border e-commerce marketplace sales and marketing. US consumers today have many options when purchasing products on e-commerce marketplaces. When considering how to select between multiple offerings of the same product, US consumers heavily favor product listings that have a professional look and feel. CSH is a North Carolina based company with significant experience in Asia and Europe. CSH will help you successfully sell products in the US. 

You can rely on CSH to help you navigate the complexities of bringing in your products to the US, launching multiple e-commerce marketplace storefronts, managing orders, shipping, promoting and returning funds back to you in your currency of choice.