Multichannel E-commerce Services for your Products

Multichannel managed services

Marketplace Coach

Successful sellers focus resources on areas they know the best.  Why not leave the rest to the marketplace experts at CSH?  Management solutions include analyzing your performance and making marketplace specific recommendations to increase sales. CSH services are customized to your specific products and for specific marketplaces.

Digital Marketing and Strategy 

Getting your product noticed takes work and expertise.  The experts at CSH provide promotional strategy, analysis and pricing recommendations to optimally position products relative to competitors. Marketing campaigns include marketplace advertising, web advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more ideas to build your brand.  CSH can also guide you in applying for US trademarks and copyrights to protect what you are building.   

Payments Services

CSH has relationships with cross-border payment service providers to facilitate return of your funds in your currency of choice.  CSH always tries to return payments in the most efficient way possible and can provide multiple options to help you manage the trade-offs of cost efficiency and cash flow.