Q1: How much does it cost to use CSH services?

A: CSH will provide pricing guidance upon request.  Simply fill out the registration information and an account manager will contact you to learn more about your business and to provide you with detailed information on CSH prices. 

Q2: I'm trying to decide if selling my products in the US is going to be worth the effort, can CSH help me figure that out? 

A: As part of the initial LAUNCH phase of working with CSH, we will perform a pricing analysis for your products.  The analysis will include a review of comparable products currently offered in the US and the estimated costs of bring your products to market.  During the LAUNCH phase, we will decide together whether it makes sense to move forward to DEPLOY a specific product.

Q3: I consider myself to be a small seller but I would like to sell into the US market to grow my business, is CSH willing to work with companies like mine? 

A: CSH is willing to work with sellers of all sizes.  By signing up with CSH we will review your products, perform a competitive pricing analysis and decide together whether the time is right to expand into the US market.  

Q4: Can CSH help me if my product has special chemical, health or safety considerations?

A: CSH will perform a review of your products.  If US regulations require special handling, or labeling of your products, then we will help you comply with US product safety law.  However, please be aware that you as the seller will retain all liability for your products in the US.  Many of the e-commerce marketplaces require sellers to apply for approval before listing certain products.  All these considerations can extend the length of time required to begin selling your products.